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Tomorrow Never Knows – The Magazine

is a new addition to the Innovation of Risk’s collection of work on risk management.

With an opening like this you know this magazine is designed to be informative and challenge the reader.

You read it here first. Risk has not evolved, instead it has regressed into a sad, pathetic beast that focuses on ‘why you shouldn’t’ and not on ‘why and how you should’. Risk is not about just the past. Risk is about the past, present and future. It is about being at the forefront of new technologies, new ideas and new thinking”.

This magazine describes itself as a magazine that does not only focus on the past, because it is the future that we are heading towards. Tomorrow Never Knows attempts to discuss what is coming. This is a magazine designed for business leaders and risk executives across the globe.

The magazine contains an article which highlights some of the top events of 2012 (some events courtesy of Risk Management 2012 Year in Review) across the globe and risks surrounding cybercrime in the article “Latest Trends in Cybercrime”.  There is a feature article on experiences in sailing and winning the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race.  But to truly be able to embrace the future and take a true risk / reward position, there is an article on risk appetite which is both humurous and insightful.

In order to be successful in risk management, in turning our heads into the new world of the future, we need to confront mankinds biggest weakness, time. The article, “Time, thoughts for our internal conscious”, provides us with personal experiences in handling the question of time.  And we have a story that provides us with a view of the importance of managing risks through appropriate controls in “Operational Risk Management & Criterium Bicycle Racing”.

So, in a world of change, with a constant stream of events across the globe, the role of risk management continues to grow in importance.

However, we cannot only focus on the past because it is the future that we are heading towards, and Tomorrow Never Knows what is coming.

Scott North
Scott North
Scott North has extensive executive and board experience in risk management, internal audit, operational risk and compliance, governance, risk strategy, scenario planning, technology risk, technology architecture, systems design, financial accounting, and management accounting. With Chief Risk Officers roles across financial services in Australia, Scott is an accomplished and experienced senior risk executive with extraordinary results in leading risk management teams. An innovative and process-focused leader, with an entrepreneurial style. Scott has a passion for innovation and digital. Scott is an experienced project leader across multiple disciplines including risk, finance and enterprise systems.

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