Collaboration is Critical for Risk

The focus on collaboration ensures a more productive and outcome-focused business, which is critical to the innovation of risk. To innovate we must amalgamate ideas from a diverse set of skill-sets.

Find those black swans, because they may find you first

We all need to find our black swans because they may find you first. The theory of the black swan dates back to 16th century London as a statement of impossibility.  Back in the 16th...

Infographic – Information Superhighway Needs Car Pooling

Sticking our heads in the sand, and saying we don't have enough time, is no longer an acceptable option.  Our roles, each of us, is to get smarter and more efficient and effective at gathering this information, analysing it and then making appropriate decisions.

The leaders of now and into the future will be those that can effectively manage the information on the information superhighway.  And these managers will be car poolers.


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enTourage eDGe™ – Another video and my views

I have had a number of days since my last posting on this device, the Entourage Edge, to talk about it with my counterparts in risk and people with an innovative mind. Although I identified...

The next entrant for the world of eReaders, Touch Devices and eJournals

I promise myself to never just post a video and leave it at that, but always provide some commentary. So although I think this video does speak for itself, here I go! The enTourage eDGe...

The 5 key reasons you want to read about a 'digital journal' for Risk Committees

With the recent announcement of the availability of the iPad in April internationally, announcements surrounding other similar devices is beginning to become more apparent. The device I am really interested to see in action is...

The internet as a valuable knowledge source

I will begin this post with a statement "I am an knowledge junkie". Why do I begin with this statement? You will understand as you keep reading. For some time now I have...

CourseSmart for Tablet

MacRumors posted an article today on the "The Wall Street Journal report on eTextbook publisher CourseSmart, which is looking ahead to the release of Apple's much-rumored tablet and is using this week's CES conference...

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