Where is risk management going?

Theoretical scientists spend many hours considering the universe and everything in it, about it and around it.  They ponder the very fabric of how things are made and also determine the theories around everything scientific in nature.

Does this have anything at all to do with risk management?

Innovation of Risk is Not An Option

Recently I have been pondering a lot of my old posts and allowing them to reappear in my thinking. Essentially, I just wanted to take some time to rethink what is the "innovation of risk"? Have I answered that question? Not exactly. Instead, at this point,  I have thought that the key fact about risk is this - risk is old and stale.

Scenario thinking for innovation and risk

A “scenario thinker” may be able to overcome paralysis in such a situation. He or she will recognize the point beyond which the effort to work out what will happen produces diminishing returns, and will refocus sooner on a different question:
“What do we do if...?” and then: “What does this mean for what we do now?”

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Mobile thinking for risk innovation

The risk profession has not as yet really embraced the mobile device as an enabler or tool for improving risk management.  This is actually quite bizarre given that risk management is about managing risks and implementing controls to manage those risks.

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An idea in innovation of risk management

That has lead me to this idea on the innovation of risk. Essentially the concept is quite simple, provide every employee with one topic / business idea / risk and empower them to own the risk management outcomes.

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The Power of the Individual in Innovation

The individual redefines the organisation, not the other way around. How many times have we heard how the organisation wants to innovate? Well, afraid to say, that's impossible as it is the individuals that innovate.

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Innovation begins with Accountability

We all think that innovation begins with innovation itself, but that is incorrect. Innovation must begin with the single most important aspect of any part of business and that is accountability.

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An innovative idea around reading

Hello everyone, This is a very interesting and fascinating watch about the future of reading. As an avid Kindle fan I am all for a more engaging, collaborative and interactive reading experience and this video by...

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