Collaboration is Critical for Risk

The focus on collaboration ensures a more productive and outcome-focused business, which is critical to the innovation of risk. To innovate we must amalgamate ideas from a diverse set of skill-sets.

Better results using MasterMind Groups

A MasterMind Group, is the inevitable extension of the brainstorming session. However, in this case the MasterMind Group is about empowering people with common passions and interests.

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An innovative idea around reading

Hello everyone, This is a very interesting and fascinating watch about the future of reading. As an avid Kindle fan I am all for a more engaging, collaborative and interactive reading experience and this video by...

enTourage eDGe™ – Another video and my views

I have had a number of days since my last posting on this device, the Entourage Edge, to talk about it with my counterparts in risk and people with an innovative mind. Although I identified...

I have been hooked by pearltrees

During my travels through cyberspace I had been looking for something that allowed me to visually share web content that I found interesting.  Last night I had all but given up in seeing anything...

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