Google's Nexus One Launch

Today we have already seen a multitude of posts on the Google’s Nexus One phone and not wanting to miss the party completely I thought I would provide some links to postings on the device.

So, if you want to see a brief introductory video and some initial comments on the device, check out The Age websites article.   The interesting point in this article is the recognition that Google are not looking to concern themselves over the device but rather the application component. The link also provides some video on the device.

“Rather than a money spinner, Google hopes the Nexus One will serve as a Trojan Horse for its vast array of web services, cementing the company as a leader in mobile search and applications.”

The next article is from Mashable who perform a comparison of the Nexus One / Droid / iPhone for the layman.  Interestingly, the call out here is the same call out I made in a recent posting about the iPhone’s limitation for multi-tasking and background processing (see Android Gaining Momentum Among Future Smartphone Buyers – Mac Rumors).

BillShrink has put together a handy comparison chart that breaks the devices down (including Palm Pre too) on all key features. There are a few obvious differences – the iPhone still lacks multitasking while the Android devices have fewer apps – but for the most part, the devices are fairly similar on paper.

The final article is from O’Reilly Radar who provides a few thoughts on the competitive landscape.  One of the key comments he reinforces is Google is trying to bring the web to the user rather than a phone with the web.  This will challenge the competitive landscape across multiple devices, including the laptop, which is now starting to look more like a paper weight than an effective device.

The real turning point is Google’s commitment to making the Nexus One a web-native device. As Google VP of Product Management Mario Queiroz said in today’s press conference, a nexus is a place where multiple worlds meet. “The Nexus One is where the phone meets the web.” It’s a connected device in a way that is more fundamental than any previous phone.

I am sure you can find many other links and stories on the device.


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