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  Tomorrow Never Knows - The Magazine is a new addition to the Innovation of Risk's collection of work on risk management. With an opening like this...

Risk Enchantment, The Holy Grail of Risk

Risk enchantment. Every organisation and business needs a wizard working for them to achieve the holy grail of risk management. Or do they? As we...

Leaders lead and don’t just manage, the key 10 ingredients

What are the key attributes critical for leaders? What are the attributes of people that show leadership through leading others regardless of their role in the organisation? Leadership is not defined by hierarchy, grade or level of pay.  It is defined by the response of those around you.  

Leadership quiver for Leaders

Leadership is something that is not generally associated with risk specifically however it is actually the most important skill for any senior leader, and risk management is but just a single arrow in a quiver of many arrows.


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Peer Leadership

The internet is teeming with information on a wide range of topics around leadership.  And it was during my reading of Zite - an iPad application that brings articles on key topics to you through learning what you want to read - that I started to let my mind think about what makes a great leader.  In particular I thought about how critical it  is being a leader of not just those that work for you, but those that work with you, that is your peers.

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Leadership comes from within

Leadership comes from within......there are so many examples of this we see in individuals, and for me a recent example is the leadership of Michael J Fox, who has shown that even with a terrible illness, he can show true leadership.

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