Book Review – How-To Guide for Generations at Work

“The How-To Guide for Generations at Work” provides a clear and concise analysis of the generations and how they interact at work. The quick and easy book provides insight into managing interactions across generations, and being prepared to “think about how other cohorts may view you and your role”.

The book outlines 3 simple techniques from the “Technology Rubic, The Conversation Map, and The Workflow Distributor” to help articulate clear guides to engage across and within generations. These 3 techniques are leveraged later on in the book in Part III, which provides a number of case-studies which provide the reader with practical uses of the techniques outlined in the book.

These case studies are a great way to finish a “How-To Guide”, as it allows the reader the opportunity to understand the techniques in context.

Developing a respect for what others value as results helps build a bridge between ages

As a GenerationX person, it is easy to forget that we all have different working styles, and it is important that we recognise our differences. However, it is more important that in order to leverage these differences in the best possible way, we understand how to engage each other better first.  Robby Slaughter, author, provides some great tools to assist all of us to improve how we engage with each generation.

Overall, this book provides a clear and concise view of how to “gain understanding of how other cohorts view work to improve inter-generational relations”, and one that was pleasantly easy to read.

[Note, this book was provided to me by the author; with no prior relationship or requirement]


Scott North has extensive experience in enterprise risk management, internal audit, operational risk and compliance, risk strategy, scenario planning, technology risk, technology business analysis, systems design, financial accounting, and management accounting. Scott is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Chartered Accountants with a Masters Degree from the University of Melbourne in Business and Information Technology. Scott is also a Fellow of the University of Melbourne.

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