Welcome to the Innovation of Risk

Innovative Risk, Culture and Project Experts for Your Organisation

Our risk, culture and project experts translate risk management and culture into practical and human outcomes. Through structured, experienced techniques we help you implement tailored and positive business solutions. Everything we do is based on risk by design, using a partnership style model and ensuring solutions are future-proof. Our values of innovative, open, accountable, and passionate, deliver a positive experience for your organisation.


Our approach to risk and culture is unique and not academic: we challenge norms to focus on risk management being part of business outcomes.


Whatever your focus is, our expertise makes it easy and practical for delivering all of your risk management and culture requirements.


We have processes that fit your organisation and that delivers to the needs of Boards, regulators, professional bodies and advocacy groups.

Complete Risk Management and Culture Services

for business demands, tailored for each case


Expertise in developing visual and commercial risk committee structures and artefacts (charters, agenda, reports) at a board and executive level


Practical, usable and clear frameworks that support strategic and operational decision-making from the Board, to the Executive, and to the front-line


Organisational purpose, values and customer-centric policy frameworks and documents that support effective business decision making


Tailored, relevant and usable risk management strategy that delivers organisational success through well-articulated risk principles, practices and approaches to embedding risk

risk appetite

Tailored risk-taking settings that deliver to strategic and operational requirements, supporting innovation and changing business circumstances

risk technology

Experienced design and implementation support for governance, risk and compliance solutions, including GRC tools, and digitisation (call recording)


Focus on positive behavioural norms and how these behaviours help achievement of key activities (like risk management), and embed in the organisation.

risk transformation

Innovative approach in helping organisations transform their risk functions through empowerment to embed risk activities in every part of the organisation.

What to do if you just want some one-off support in developing risk governance documents/processes or quick advice?

Sometimes you require specific support in developing risk documents, frameworks and reports, or you may need some quick advice. We offer a unique task-support service, leveraging our experience, and keeping the cost to a minimum for your organisation.