Sunday, February 23, 2020

Ask Professor Risk

From the The Kewl Doodz ‘n’ Chyx "One of the biggest risks is being too cautious, according to David Spiegelhalter who is Professor of...

Speed of adoption risk

The rapid change in the consumption of technology is overtaking Moore's Law as the most talked about rule.  Quite simply, over the last decade there have been a significant number of advances in consumer technology and what we have seen is the ever increasing trends in consumption patterns surrounding these new technologies.  The chart detailed in the article by Derek Thompson highlights this ever increasing change in the adoption pattern of technology over time.

The Three Lines of Defence

The three lines of defence (defense) model has its place in many organisations across the globe, but do we understand what it truly means? Over...

Top 10 Risks for 2012

In early 2011 we discussed the top risks for 2011, leading into 2012.  A little over a year later we thought it prudent to cover what we see are the Top 10 risks for the rest of 2012 and leading into 2013.

The risk of the poor customer experience

It has been an interesting few weeks for me as I progress down a path of changing service providers for my internet.  The key...

Effective risk management is like putting together a three course meal

Effective risk management is like putting together a three course meal.  This analogy may sound a little strange but bear with me as I take you through the tips for the chef (manager).

By guest author Alev B.

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