Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Speed of adoption risk

The rapid change in the consumption of technology is overtaking Moore's Law as the most talked about rule.  Quite simply, over the last decade there have been a significant number of advances in consumer technology and what we have seen is the ever increasing trends in consumption patterns surrounding these new technologies.  The chart detailed in the article by Derek Thompson highlights this ever increasing change in the adoption pattern of technology over time.

Innovation of Risk is Not An Option

Recently I have been pondering a lot of my old posts and allowing them to reappear in my thinking. Essentially, I just wanted to take some time to rethink what is the "innovation of risk"? Have I answered that question? Not exactly. Instead, at this point,  I have thought that the key fact about risk is this - risk is old and stale.

Techniques in the Innovation of Risk

Innovation is expected and required for any business or function to grow and develop over time. The risk management function is no different, hence risk must embrace innovation.

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Year in Risk 2010

Risk Management Magazine has released an excellent visual article in their December 2009 edition on "the year that was". 2009 was a year marked not...

Distinguishing between risk and issue

The ability to distinguish between risks and issues is one of the most fundamental skills a manager needs in order to effectively manage their business.

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Top 5 risk management trends

Our top 5 risk management trends for 2012. 2012 has been a year filled with conspiracy theories about the end of the world, of a number...