Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Mobile thinking for risk innovation

The risk profession has not as yet really embraced the mobile device as an enabler or tool for improving risk management.  This is actually quite bizarre given that risk management is about managing risks and implementing controls to manage those risks.

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The Power of Effective Communication

Welcome, Every day I gain further insight into the role of risk management through working through what makes me passionate and motivated to perform in...

Scenario thinking for innovation and risk

A “scenario thinker” may be able to overcome paralysis in such a situation. He or she will recognize the point beyond which the effort to work out what will happen produces diminishing returns, and will refocus sooner on a different question:
“What do we do if...?” and then: “What does this mean for what we do now?”

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Top 5 reasons why the "time of risk" is now

It is the first day of February 2010 and we are all familiar with three small but powerful words - Global, Financial and Crisis. ...

Risk Impact Spectrum

Risk impacts must include consideration of the risk impact spectrum. The current floods occurring in North Eastern Australia are a natural disaster, which is hard...

Top Ten Risk Management Lessons and Trends from 2009.

Rather than begin a topic from scratch I am going to expand on something I read recently on the Top Ten Risk Management Lessons...