Monday, December 17, 2018

Innovation of the Future

Over the last few days some fellow bloggers have brought to my attention some excellent examples of innovation through video. The first video comes from...

Finding operational risk data and having it work for you

One of the most important roles of a risk professional is to be on the front foot with information. The expectations of the organisation, and most likely your CEO, is that as the Risk Executive you have an ear to the ground and an eye on the horizon.  So, how are we confronting the challenge?

The new risk management professional is creative « Riskczar Corporation

The new risk management professional is creative « Riskczar Corporation. Thought I would share with you an interesting "very short" post that I read through...

Boy, can we complicate things!

Quite simply because when it comes to risk management we somehow seem to have complicated something that has been in existence since the dawn of man, yes since the dawn of man. The day we stood up and first assessed our surroundings we were considering the risks. The risks of being killed by that beast in the wilderness where our only form of mitigation was "fight or flight".

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The new face of risk and how to combat it

Guest author Eric White, who leads the retail strategy practice at Wren, providers of physical security solutions used by some of the world’s most innovative and respected retailers, talks about how businesses of every kind face risks. But for many, risks are thought of as the catastrophic-type events that - as completely devastating as they would be - don’t necessarily represent the most pressing threats to the day-to-day business. The face of risk is changing. It’s not just about the traditional, obvious risk events like earthquakes, tornadoes, or active shooters. Increasingly risks are those things that can slowly eat away at your business and profitability.

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The innovation of risk "bucket list"

I am going to list the things we have to do before the Innovation of Risk kicks the bucket! More precisely I am going to list the things that have to happen so that the Risk Manager can kick the bucket in his/her current form and shift to a new form entirely.

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