Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Innovation of Risk is Not An Option

Recently I have been pondering a lot of my old posts and allowing them to reappear in my thinking. Essentially, I just wanted to take some time to rethink what is the "innovation of risk"? Have I answered that question? Not exactly. Instead, at this point,  I have thought that the key fact about risk is this - risk is old and stale.

Understanding Your Customer Risks

Posting about the idea that anyone that has a customer facing business with a diverse customer set should look at risk assessing the customer base.  So what does this involve?  Essentially this involves considering the customer "factors" and using some form of statistical analysis to "grade" the customers.

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Innovation of the Future

Over the last few days some fellow bloggers have brought to my attention some excellent examples of innovation through video. The first video comes from...

The risk of the poor customer experience

It has been an interesting few weeks for me as I progress down a path of changing service providers for my internet.  The key...

Boy, can we complicate things!

Quite simply because when it comes to risk management we somehow seem to have complicated something that has been in existence since the dawn of man, yes since the dawn of man. The day we stood up and first assessed our surroundings we were considering the risks. The risks of being killed by that beast in the wilderness where our only form of mitigation was "fight or flight".

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Leadership quiver for Leaders

Leadership is something that is not generally associated with risk specifically however it is actually the most important skill for any senior leader, and risk management is but just a single arrow in a quiver of many arrows.


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