Monday, March 30, 2020

Tomorrow Never Knows – The Risk Magazine

  Tomorrow Never Knows - The Magazine is a new addition to the Innovation of Risk's collection of work on risk management. With an opening like this...

Some retail risk therapy

We want to help in our way,  so here are the top 5 risks for the retail industry and some thoughts on potential controls.  Personally, as a consumer, if the retail industry did not have these as their top 5 then they were not doing risk management.  But, that is just my opinion.  Back to the risks themselves.

Random Thoughts on Leadership

Some random thoughts on leadership as everyone you have ever worked for has shown you something on leadership - both good and bad.  And you yourself also exhibit some good characteristics and some bad characteristics as a leader.  So, here are some of my observations over the period of time I have been lead and been a leader.

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Innovation begins with Accountability

We all think that innovation begins with innovation itself, but that is incorrect. Innovation must begin with the single most important aspect of any part of business and that is accountability.

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An update on the update to my saga

Last night I decided to try and turn the Mac on and it worked! And low and behold it is still working exactly 24 hours later! Today I did contact another Mac store who advised it could be a motherboard or power supply problem. I was planning to take in tomorrow but I am going to give it another day or so.


An update on my saga

We FAILED test number 1. That anvil has fallen and the Mac has died. So I tuck my tail between my legs and off I will go this week / weekend to a Mac repair store - just a different one.