Friday, April 20, 2018

Innovation of Risk is Not An Option

Recently I have been pondering a lot of my old posts and allowing them to reappear in my thinking. Essentially, I just wanted to take some time to rethink what is the "innovation of risk"? Have I answered that question? Not exactly. Instead, at this point,  I have thought that the key fact about risk is this - risk is old and stale.

Consumer trends for 2010

I recently read a very interesting article here on Consumer trends for 2010 and I thought I would throw a "risk" lense across each of these trends.

The next entrant for the world of eReaders, Touch Devices and eJournals

I promise myself to never just post a video and leave it at that, but always provide some commentary. So although I think this...

Amazon Christmas e-book sales beat print sales

Amazon Christmas e-book sales beat print sales. As detailed in The Age, "On Christmas Day customers bought more electronic books than hard-copy books on...

Operational Risk Infographic

Operational risk is a topic that has seen a significant rise in the amount on "online chatter", particularly since early 2000.  Some interesting statistics are presented in this infographic on operational risk, not the least is the amount of postings on operational risk represents no more than 10% of the amount of postings on the internet for the iPod since 2000!


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Concept mobile phones of the future

We all scour the internet, well some of us anyway, looking for what is next in the world of mobile technology. Although the iPhone was...