Friday, February 28, 2020

Is the business of risk management Risk’s business?

The risk management function has been likened to a lighthouse - always on the watch to make sure nothing goes wrong and lighting the way for everyone so they can navigate the safest path.

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Better results using MasterMind Groups

A MasterMind Group, is the inevitable extension of the brainstorming session. However, in this case the MasterMind Group is about empowering people with common passions and interests.

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Where is the innovation in risk management?

Hello fellow Innovators of Risk! It has been quite a while since my last post. The Innovation of Risk has not disappeared but rather has gone...

Innovation needs personal investment

Innovation is only effective if people are empowered and given space, time and resources to incubate and deliver their ideas. I am reading the...

A funny invention, the lego ATM

Hello everyone, This has to be the most amazing usage of lego ever. Just watch and then admire how some people have the time and patience...

Google defends book settlement, calls for approval

Google defends book settlement, calls for approval.  (The Age website) Quick posting on this but it seems google is making the play we all expected...