Friday, May 24, 2019

The e-Reader story of CES 2010 — Engadget

The e-Reader story of CES 2010 -- Engadget. Our friends from Engadget provide some of the best updates on new gadgets and gizmos and the...

Top resources for digital research

Performing digital research is critical for the innovative risk professional. When we consider the innovation of risk, we are continually looking at every possible avenue...

Better results using MasterMind Groups

A MasterMind Group, is the inevitable extension of the brainstorming session. However, in this case the MasterMind Group is about empowering people with common passions and interests.

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Tomorrow Never Knows – The Risk Magazine

  Tomorrow Never Knows - The Magazine is a new addition to the Innovation of Risk's collection of work on risk management. With an opening like this...

Some thoughts on best practice risk management

Risk management is simple. It just takes 12 easy steps to achieve effective risk management in your organisation. Truly.

So what is the simple 12 point method to best practice risk management.

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A funny invention, the lego ATM

Hello everyone, This has to be the most amazing usage of lego ever. Just watch and then admire how some people have the time and patience...