Monday, May 1, 2017

Hacking online accounts is easy as abc123

Hacking online accounts is easy as abc123 Although I do not want this blog to turn into an analysis of individual risk categories or have...

Ask Professor Risk

From the The Kewl Doodz ‘n’ Chyx "One of the biggest risks is being too cautious, according to David Spiegelhalter who is Professor of...

Virtual coincides with physical

We are now seeing the world wide change in virtual interactions, but rather than replacing the physical it coincides.

Is the business of risk management Risk’s business?

The risk management function has been likened to a lighthouse - always on the watch to make sure nothing goes wrong and lighting the way for everyone so they can navigate the safest path.

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CourseSmart for Tablet

MacRumors posted an article today on the "The Wall Street Journal report on eTextbook publisher CourseSmart, which is looking ahead to the release of...

Where is the innovation in risk management?

Hello fellow Innovators of Risk! It has been quite a while since my last post. The Innovation of Risk has not disappeared but rather has gone...