Monday, December 17, 2018

The new face of risk and how to combat it

Guest author Eric White, who leads the retail strategy practice at Wren, providers of physical security solutions used by some of the world’s most innovative and respected retailers, talks about how businesses of every kind face risks. But for many, risks are thought of as the catastrophic-type events that - as completely devastating as they would be - don’t necessarily represent the most pressing threats to the day-to-day business. The face of risk is changing. It’s not just about the traditional, obvious risk events like earthquakes, tornadoes, or active shooters. Increasingly risks are those things that can slowly eat away at your business and profitability.

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Google defends book settlement, calls for approval

Google defends book settlement, calls for approval.  (The Age website) Quick posting on this but it seems google is making the play we all expected...

A funny invention, the lego ATM

Hello everyone, This has to be the most amazing usage of lego ever. Just watch and then admire how some people have the time and patience...

Virtual coincides with physical

We are now seeing the world wide change in virtual interactions, but rather than replacing the physical it coincides.

Finding operational risk data and having it work for you

One of the most important roles of a risk professional is to be on the front foot with information. The expectations of the organisation, and most likely your CEO, is that as the Risk Executive you have an ear to the ground and an eye on the horizon.  So, how are we confronting the challenge?

Innovation needs personal investment

Innovation is only effective if people are empowered and given space, time and resources to incubate and deliver their ideas. I am reading the...